Critical care

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Question Answer
levophednorepinephrine. alpha 1 agonist> beta 2 agonist
phenylephrinepure alpha 1 agonist
epinephrineapha 1, beta 1 and beta 2 agonist
vasopressinvasoconstrictor with no inotropic or chronotropic effects
phentolaminealpha blocker used for vasopressor extravasation
nitroglycerinvasodilator= low doses venous dilator and higher doses arterial dilator. effectiveness may be limited to 24-48 hrs
nitropress, nipridenitroprusside= vasodilator...mixed arterial/venous dilator....cyanide formation metabolites which can be toxic renal disease
milrinoneinotrope for heart failure...phosphodiesterase 3 inhibitor...dose adjustment renal
diprivanpropofol= sedation icu, provides 1.1kcal/ml of fats....CI if allergic to egg or soy
precedexdexmedetomidine= sedation icu, can be used nonintubated patients (only one can), duration no exceed 24 hrs
succinylcholinedepolarizing paralytic= binds and activates acetylcholine receptors and desensitizies them
nimbexcisatracuirum= non depolarizing paralytic....renal dys no effect
zemuronrocuronium= non depolarizing paralytic...block acetylcholine effect renal dysfunction
samscatolvaptan= vasopressin antagonist used for isovolemic hyponatremia