Criminal Theories

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Genes & Behavioridea that both are responsible for behavior
Biocriminologysearches for causes of antisocial behavior with the brain or body
Evolution, aggression, & survivalantisocial behavior influences human evolution
Neurological perspectivesneurological conditions affect antisocial behavior
Environmental perspectivesdrugs and alcohol most commonly connected to antisocial behavior
Behaviorismenvironment and learning mainly determine behavior

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Social learning theorycrime is a learned behavior
Cognitive theorythought process before a crime is committed
Language impairment & IQboth affect delinquency & adult offending
Antisocial personality disorder, psychopathy, & insanitymental disorders affect propensity to break the law
Deterrence theoryCost/Benefit analysis
Positivist theorybiological reasons why people commit crimes
Rational choice theorycalculate pros & cons of crime & of which ones to commit
Routine activities theorycrime occurs when criminals "won't get caught"

Section 3

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Adrian Raine & Guang GuoGenes & Behavior
B.F. SkinnerBehaviorism
Lawrence KohlbergCognitive theory
Robert HareInsanity
Ceasare Beccaria & Jeremy BenthamDeterrence theory
Ceasare Lombroso Positivist
Derek Cornish & Ronald ClarkeRational Choice theory
Lawrence Cohen & Marcus FelsonRoutine activities