Criminal minds trivia

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Question Answer
Mathew grey gublerSpencer reid
She mar mooreDerek morgan
Joe manteganaDavid rossi
Paget brewsterEmily prentiss
Thomas gibsonAaron hotchner
Mandy patniksonJason giddion
Kristen vangsnessPenelope garcia
Rachel nicholosAshley seaver
Leanne tripplehornAlex blake
Lola gladinaElle greenway
Meta goldingJordan todd

Section 2

Question Answer
What city was spencer bornLas vegas
What's Spencer's iq187
How old was spencer when he joined the bau21
What city is the bau inQuantico va
What is gracias boyfriends nameKevin lynch
How many times was Rossi married3
What is jj'ssons nameHenri
What's jj's husbands nameWill
What was Emily's undercover name before she started at the bauLauren reynols
What was Spencer's gf that got killed by her stalkerMave
What was hotchhers wife's nameHailey
What was hot hers sons nameJack
What was hot hers gf's nameBeth
Who killed hotchners wifeGeorge foyet
Who kills Emily prentissIan Doyal
Who is the leader of Ian Doyals operationClyde easter

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