Crime in America Exam 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
Crime prevention focuses on reducing both crime and fear of crime.True
Which Supreme Court ruling applied the exclusionary rule to the states?Mapp v. Ohio
According to _______, evidence seized by the police cannot be used in a trial.the exclusionary rule
Which of the following is not one of the general activities involved in a preliminary investigation?conducting a detailed examination of the crime scene
Landmark cases clarify the procedural guidelines the criminal justice system must follow.true
Which of the following is not required for the police to seize contraband under the plain view doctrine?the officer must have obtained the property owner's verbal or written permission to search and to seize the contraband
______ is a crime-analysis and police-management process built on crime mapping that was developed by the NYCPDcompstat
According to the Supreme Court, in a search incident to arrest, where are the police permitted to search if they do not have a search warrant?the police may only search the area in the arrestee's immediate control
Landmark cases create changes in civil law
Which of the following is not one of the three areas of due process requirements that are of relevance to the police?double geopardy

Section 2

Question Answer
______ is a proactive approach to the problem of crime.crime prevention
Accorsing to the Supreme Court, the police may conduct a "stop and frisk" without a warrant based onreasonable suspicion
CAPRA and SARA are examples of the methodology of?police problem solving
The peacekeeping role of the police involves a focus on quality-of-life offenses.true
______ is the dominant operational policing strategy and is based on the ideas of Sir Robert Peel and the early London Metropolitan Policepreventive patrol
Which of the following is not one of the basic purposes of policing in democratic societies?respond rapidly to all 911 calls
What is the importance of the Fourteenth Amendment?it extends constitutional protections to state-level criminal justice

Section 3

Question Answer
The case of Weeks v US only applied to federal law enforcement officers.true
______ is not one of the core operational strategies of services
The Warren Court used the Fourteenth Amendment to require both state and federal criminal justice agencies to adhere to the Court's interpretation of the Constitution.true
______ offenses involve acts that create physical disorder of that reflect social decay.quality of life
_______ describes the order of authority within a police departmentchain of command
The police spend the majority of their time enforcing the law and fighting crime.false
The broken windows model of policing focuses on which element of the police mission?preserving the peace
Which amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures?the fourth amendment
According to ________, any evidence that derives from an illegal search and seizure may be declared tainted and excluded from trial.exclusionary rule
In which of the following situtations would the police not be legally permitted to conduct a warrantless search or seize evidence without a warrant?when authorized by the chief of police