Crime and punishment 2

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Witchcraft punished Hanging
Witchcraft ended People became better off -less tension, became less superstitious -understand why crop failures happened, scientific discoveries -things seen as witches were explained
When did it become a crime1542 by Henry 8th
Why did it become a crime -religion Religion- seen not jus against church but monarch - Henry head of COE
Why did it become a crime-poverty Gap between rich and poor and more unemployment- bad feelings between neighbours
Why did it become a crime-social changes Higher unemployment -move to city to find work -old women left alone
Why did it become a crime -civil warIncrease in tension -accuse opponents of witchcraft
Identify witch Swimming test -Mary Sutton /strange marks/ neighbours / witch finders -Anthony Hopkins

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Why was treason a problem Rulers like James 1 were foreign and people believed ruler should be english, some had seized to power, some had made religious changes -Henry 8
Gunpowder plot so difficult plotters Plotters so determined -prepared to die
So difficult -police force Difficult to identify those involved and make arrests-had to use extreme measures guy Fawkes was tortured into confession
So difficult -no warning No warning which made it possible to prepare for plotters planned in secret
Gunpoweder plot harshly dealt with Divine rights severity of crime match punishment, to deter to show James 1 show no accept, helped protect James 1 -deter others and remove the threats
Treason punished Hang drawn and quartered , during Tudors treason most common

Section 3

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Blood code introduced, increase in crimeGov worried an increase in crime in the late 17th century and about new crimes increasing
Bloody code-more taxes More population means more taxes and people were not happy with the religion
Bloody code -deterrent and protect Protected those at top and their property
Failed - hangingPublic hanging- not a deterrent saw as entertainment and chance to cause riots if not agree
Failed -juries Didn't punish minor crimes as harsh, juries refused to find guilty if get hung
Didn't fail Did protect those at top of hierarchy -got retribution for these people

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