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causes of pneumonia

Question Answer
hospital-acquired on a ventilatorpseudomonas
community-acquired atypicalmycoplasma
sitting by air conditioner, old manlegionnaire's disease (found in urine)

random factoids

Question Answer
PTU and methimazole... which in each trimester?switch to PTU in the 1st trimester, then methimazole
SE methimazolecutis aplasia
contraindications to MgSO4myasthenia gravis, renal failure, hypocalcemia
BPP may be used for assessment as early as _28wga
most common reason for a c-sectionrepeat
maneuver to prevent inversion of the uterusBrandt
treat epidural-induced pruritusNubain, naloxone, zofran
most common placental tumorchorioangioma
most common tumor that metastasizes to the placentamelanoma
causes hypoplasia and staining of fetal teethtetracycline
causes kernicterus of the newbornsulfonamides
causes fetal high-tone hearing lossstreptomycin
causes gray baby syndromechloramphenicol
currant jelly stools associated withintussusception of bowel
banana sign is associated witharnold chiari malformation
lemon sign is associated withspina bifida

Practice Bulletin #151 - CMV, Parvo, VZ, Toxo

Question Answer
maternal sx CMVusually asx, but sometimes mono-like sx
though usually asx at birth, infants with _ dev. jaundice, petechiae, thrombocytopenia, hepatosplenomegaly, growth restriction, myocarditis, non immune hydropsCMV
most common congenital infxCMV
overall risk of maternal transmission of CMV to fetus is _, highest in _ trimester but with more fetal sequelae during _30-40%, third, first
most severe sequela of secondary CMV infxcongenital hearing loss
the virus that causes "slapped check" in kids (_), causes _ in adultsParvo, reticular rash on trunk, peripheral arthropathy
in people with underlying hemoglobinopathy, _ can cause _parvo, aplastic crisis
hydrops is unlikely to occur if it hasn't by _ weeks after maternal parvo infx8
kids are usually ok with VZV, but adults are at risk forencephalitis, pneumonia
risk of congenital varicella is highest during _ trimester2nd (still low, 2%)
the virus that you test IgG avidity to determine if recent infx (and how)CMV, low-avidity are immature and signal recent infx
treat CMVnone available
when you test pregnant women exposed to parvoimmediately; and again in 4wks if not acutely infected and if they are susceptible
treatment VZVpo acyclovir for mom within 24h after development of rash; VZIG to infants (if moms have VZV -5d to +2d from delivery), and IV acyclovir for infants who develop varicella within first two weeks of life
when to give VZV vaccine, and how long to wait for pregnancy>1yo, 2 doses, delay 3mo
pregnant woman exposed to VZV should getVZIG asap (ideally within 96hrs exposure)
treat toxospiramycin to reduce transplacental parasitic transfer; BUT once fetal infx, then pyrimethamine, sulfadiazine, and folinic acid; treat infants with that regimen if they have sx, for ONE YEAR

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