Creating a New Government

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Question Answer
Anti-jewish prejudiceAnti-federalist
The first constitution of United States; ratified in 1781, it created a weak federal government and was eventually replacedArticles of Confederation
Refers to two-house legislature.Bicameral
A man made water way that connects one body of water to another.Canal
Those who supported a strong national government and ratification of the U.S. ConstitutionFederalist
The practice of seizing individuals to serve in the British navy.Impressment
A compromise at the constitutional convention in which the States agreed that the House of Representatives would be based would have equal representationGreat Compromise
To with draw from the unionSecede
Describes farming where the farmer is able to produce just enough to survive.Subsistence
A plan to award something, such as land, on the basis of chance.Lottery
Refers to a legislature that has one houseUnicameral
The sale of Western land to of our land companies after the members of the General Assembly had been bribedYazoo Land Fraud