Craniofacial and Hemangioma Syndromes

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Question Answer
Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma, syndrome and other symptoms?Kesselbach-Merrit, thrombocytopenia
Limb length discrepancy, varicosities, What kind of vascular malformation and syndrome?Capillary malformations/port-wine stains, Kippel- Trenaunay
Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma treatmentVincristine
Multiple endochonromas, syndrome and vascular abnormality?Mafucci syndrome, venous malformations
Kippel-Trenaunay + what? = What?+ AVM = Parkes-Weber syndrome
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangectasia syndrome, inheritance?Osler-Weber-Rondu syndrome, autosomal dominance
Seizures and port-wine stainsSturge Weber syndrome
Herald patchLesion that occurs prior to a hemangioma
Microtia with eye problems, syndrome and other symptoms?Oculo-auricular-vertebral syndrome, heart problems
Microtia with brachial cleft, syndrome and other symptoms?Brachio-oto-renal syndrome, kidney problems
CHARGE stands forColoboma, heart, atresia of nasal choanae, retardation of growth, genital/urologic, ear
TWIST gene mutation, syndrome and symptoms (3)?Saether-Chotzen, malar hypoplasia, prominent ear crus, limb abnormalities
Flat nose with retrusion of the midfaceBinder syndrome
Goldenhar syndrome (3)epibulbar dermoids, vertebral abnormalities, microtia

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