Cranial Nuclei

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Question Answer
Edinger-Westphal Pupil constriction CN III
Occulomotor 4/6 extraocular muscles CNIII
Trochlear Superior Oblique of Eye CN IV
Masticator Muscles of Mastication CN V
Trigeminal Proprioception of Jaw, Discriminative touch of Face , Pain and Temperature of Face CN V VII IX X
Adbucens Lateral Rectus Muscle of Eye CN VI
Facial Motor of Facial Expression CN VII
Sup & Inf Salivatory Secretomotor of glands in head (Tears and Saliva) CN VII IX
Dorsal Vagal Secretomotor for thracic and Abdominal Viscera CN X
N. of Tractus Solitarus Sensory from Viscera that drive visceral reflexes + Taste (Gustatory) CN VII IX X
Vestibular Balance VIII
Cochlear Hearing VIII
Nucleus AmbiguusMotor to Pharynx, Larynx, Palatal Muscles CN IX X
Accessory Motor to Sternomastoid and Upper Trapesius CN XI
Hypoglossal Motor to Instrinsic and all but one Extrinsic CN XII