Cranial Nerves

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Where are the motor and sensory delivered to in the brain?Central Sulcus
How many cranial nerves are there?12
Which ones are being examined?I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, X, XI, XII
Name I - how is it examined?I = Olfactory (smell) - has your sense of smell changed recently?
Name IIII - Optic (sight) - has your sight changed recently?
Name IIIIII - Oculomotor - eyeball movement, gaze, pupil reactions
Name IV IV - Trochlear - eye movement, gaze
Name VIVI - Abducens - gaze

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Name VIIVII - Facial Nerve - smiling, frowning etc.
Name IXIX - Glossopharyngeal - observe swallowing or uvula - movement when saying ahh, quality of speech, taste at back of tongue
Name XX - Vagus - gag reflex, muscles of palate
Name XIXI - Spinal Accessory - SCM - turning head, and pushing against cheek for straining and Trapezius shrug and shrug up and trying to push down.
Name XIIXII - Hypoglossal - tongue - stick it out and move from side to side. Look for quivering or tremors. Alligned
What is Strabismus?When the eyes are not aligned properly

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What is the reflex rating index?4+ = very brisk, hyperactive 3+ = brisker than average, possibly normal 2+ = average, normal 1+ = diminished, low normal 0+ = no response
Biceps Reflex - spinal nervesC5-C6
Triceps Reflex - spinal nervesC7-C8
Patellar Reflex - spinal nervesL2 -L4
Achilles Reflex - spinal nervesL5- S2
Plantar Reflex - spinal nervesL4- S2

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