Cranial Nerves

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Question Answer
I Olfactorysense of smell
II Opticimpulses for vision
III Oculomotor mixed: move muscles of eye and eyelid controls lens shape and pupil size
IV Trochlearmixed: provides motor fibers to superior oblique muscle
V Trigeminal mixed: sensory impulse from skin of face to anterior scalp and chewing muscles
VI Abducensmotor fibers to lateral rectus muscle of eye
VII Facial motor fibers for facial expression and lacrimal and salivary glands, sensory fibers for taste receptors
VIII Vestibulocochlearhearing and equilibrum
IX Glossopharyngealmotor fibers for pharyngeal muscles and salivary glands, posterior taste buds and pressure receptors of carotid artery
X Vagusparasympatheric motor fibers which supply heart and abd visceral organs, sensory from viscera
XI Accessorymixed motor fibers to sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles
XII Hypoglossal mixed motor fibers serve muscles of tongue and sensory fibers impulse to tongue