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Cranial nerves

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Question Answer
1Olfactory (Smell)
2Optic (Sight) Snelling chart
3Oculomotor (eyelid elevation, pupil size, and reactivity, External ocular motion) Check pupillary response by shining bright light. Have pt follow finger with eyes. look up down laterall diagonally
4Trochlear (Moves eyeballs downward and laterally) Have pt look down and in
5Trigeminal (Facial muscles incl. chewing; Facial sensations) Ask patient to hold mouth open while you try to close it. Touch patient's face with cotton.
6Abducens (Moves eyeballs laterally) Have patient move eyes from side to side
7Facial (Taste, tears, saliva, facial expressions) Ask pt to smile, raise eyebrows. facial symmetry. stroke patient
8Vestibulocochlear (Auditory)
9Glossopharyngeal (Swallowing, saliva, taste) swallow test
10Vagus (gagging and swallowing speech) Assess gag and swallowing with CN 9. Assess vocal quality.
11Accessory (Moving head & shoulders) Neck strength. Stroke patient
12Hypoglossal (Tongue muscles - speech) Have pt stick out tongue and move it internally from cheek to cheek. Assess articulation. tongue deviation (tongue will will deviate to stronger side)

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