Cranial Nerves

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OlfactoryOlfactory Epithelium (nose)
OpticRetina of Eye
Oculomotor4 of the 6 muscles that control the eye
TrochlearSuperior oblique muscle of the eye
TrigeminalSensory (S): head and basically all parts of the face Motor (M): chewing muscles
AbducensLateral refutes muscle of the eye
FacialS: taste receptors on anterior 2/3 of tongue M: muscles for facil expression, tear gland (lacrimal), and salivary glands
Vestibulocohlear (also called acoustic)Cochlea (hearing receptors) Vestibule (motion and balance receptors)
GlossopharyngealS: posterior 1/3 of the tongue, pharynx and palate, receptors for blood pressure, pH, Oxygen, and CO2 concentrations M: pharyngeal muscles, parotid salivary gland
VagusS: pharynx, auricle and external acoustic canal, diaphragm, and visceral organs in chest and stomach cavities M; palatal and pharyngeal muscles and visceral organs in tummy and chest cavities
Spinal AccessoryVoluntary muscles of palate, pharynx, and larynx, and sternoclediomastoid and trapezius muscles
HypoglossalTongue Muscles

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