Cranial Nerves (modified abeery's)

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Question Answer
cranial nerve that arises in pre-olivary sulcusCN XII
cranial nerves that give rise to autonomic fibersCN III, VII, IX, X
location of special sensory cell bodies for CN Iepithelium of upper nasal cavity
location of ganglion for for CN IIretina (some fibers cross and some don't)
somatic motor innervation of CN IIIextraocular muscles (except LR and superior oblique)
visceral motor of CN III is parasympathetic/sympathetic; what is name of the ganglionparasympathetic; ciliary ganglion (postganglionic)
CN IV has what kind of innervation? what does it innervatesomatic motor; superior oblique muscle
which cranial nerve arises from dorsal aspect of brainstemCN IV
Which cranial nerve has contralateral innervation?CN IV
Which cranial nerve innervates the lateral rectus muscle? Does it innervate any other structureCN VI; no, only the LR muscle
branchial motor innervation is only present in which nerve?V3
sensory ganglion of CN Vsemilunar/trigeminal ganglion
The only sensory cell bodies that are located in the brainstem are from the _ muscles, innervated by which cranial nervejaw muscles; CN V3
relationship between lacrimal gland and CN Vpurely sensory (no autonomic innervation)
Which nerve carries sensory information from the blink reflex? Does it control the blink?CN V1, does not do motor innervation to cause the blink
the upper part of the pharyx, the hard and soft palate and the face below the orbit receive sensory innervation from what nerve?CN V2
CN V3 provides motor innervation to what muscles?muscles of mastication
CN VII goes through the _ upon exiting the braininternal auditory meatus
the geniculate ganglion is associated with which CN? general sensory neuron cell bodies found here innervate what?CN VII; skin behind the ear
T/Fvisceral motor fibers from CN VII pass through the geniculate ganglionTrue; however, visceral motor cell bodies are not located there (ONLY SENSORY)
visceral motor fibers from the chorda tympani synapse at what ganglion? Is it parasympathetic or sympatheticsubmandibular ganglion; parasympathetic
the chorda tympani travels _ while the greater petrosal nerve travels _posteriorly; anteriorly
sensory cell bodies for the greater petrosal nerve are located in what ganglion?geniculate ganglion
the deep pertrosal nerve carries what kind of fibers? (postganglionic sympathetic) entering skull with internal carotid artery
the nerve of the pterygoid canal is made up what two nervesgreater petrosal and deep petrosal
visceral motor innervation of the lacrimal gland is by what?nerve of the pterygoid canal (branch of CN VII
CN VII has two special sensory ganglion. They are _________cochlear and vestibular
the stylopharyngeus muscle is the only muscle innervated by which nerve?CN IX
the ganglia for CN IX are located where?at the base of the jugular foramen
the only nerve that carries visceral sensory information is the _? where does it come from?CN IX; carotid body
which CN is responsible for taste to the posterior 1/3 of the tongueCN IX
the sensory limb of the gag reflex is provided by CN?CN IX
CN IX innervates what gland? These fibers are located on what nerve? It synapses at what ganglion?parotid (postganglionic parasympathetic); lesser petrosal nerve; otic gangion
Which nerve provides sensory innervation ot middle ear and mastoid air cells?CN IX
the tympanic nerves carries what two componentsgeneral sensory and preganglionic parasympathetic
What CN provides visceral motor innervation to organs in the thorax and abdomen? Where are the post-ganglionic located?CN X; in the wall of the target organ (parasympathetic)
CN X supplies branchial motor innervation to what muscles?all muscles of the larynx, pharyngeal constrictors and the soft palate muscles (except stylopharyngeus)
the special sensory component of CN is to taste buds on the epiglottis
CN XI has does what kind of innervation? What does it innervate?branchial motor; sternocleidomastoid and trapezius mm.
the tongue recieves innervation from what CNs?V3, VII, IX, XII
motor innervation to the tongue is accomplished by what CN?CN XII

Names of CN's

Question Answer
CN IOlfactory
CN IIOptic
CN IIIOcculomotor
CN IVTrochlear
CN VTrigeminal
CN VIAbducent
CN VIIFacial
CN VIIIAuditory
CN IXGlossopharyngeal
CN XVagus
CN XISpinal Accessory
CN XIIHypoglossal
OlfactoryCN 1
OpticCN 2
OcculomotorCN 3
TrochlearCN 4
TrigeminalCN 5
AbducentCN 6
FacialCN 7
AuditoryCN 8
GlossopharyngealCN 9
VagusCN 10
Spinal AccessoryCN 11
HypoglossalCN 12


Question Answer
CN names in orderOOOTTAFAGV (Oh, Oh, Oh... To Touch And Feel A Girl's Vagina, Such Heaven!)


Question Answer
CN VII passes through what salivary gland without innervating it?Parotid Gland
What CN passes through the Parotid Gland?CN VII (Facial)
What 4 "types of nerve fibers" run through the Facial nerve?1.BranchioMotor (face), 2.Parasympathetic (Lacrimal, Subman, and Subling), 3.Taste (special sensory: ant. 2/3's of tongue), & 4.general somatic (from the auditory meatus and ear)
What is the nuclear system for Touch, Pain, and Temp. sensation from the head and neck?Trigeminal Nuclear system (other nerves that carry this type of information tie into the Trigeminal Nuclear system)
What are the central and peripheral connections for Branchio-motor fibers of Facial Nerve (7)?Principal Nucleus of Facial Nerve & Muscles of facial expression
What are the central and peripheral connections for Paraympathetic fibers of Facial Nerve (7)?(Centrally Superior LacrimoSalivary Nucleus) & Glands (Subling, Subman, Lacrimal)
What are the central and peripheral connections for Taste (special sensory) fibers of the Facial Nerve (7)?Tractus Solitarius (aka Solitary Nucleus, Nucleus Tractus Solitarius, NTS)
What are the central and peripheral connections for General Somatic fibers of the Facial Nerve (7)?(Spinal Component of the) Trigeminal Nuclear System & External ear
Facial nerve (7) has two bundle types, what are the fiber types that make up NERVOUS INTERMEDIUS (one of the two bundles)?Taste (Special Sensory)(afferent), Parasympathetic (efferent), & General Somatic (Afferent)
What types of fiber are found in the FACIAL NERVE PROPER (one of two CN7 bundles) ?Motor fibers (embryologically migration from the 2nd pharyngeal arch)