Cranial Nerve Chart

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Question Answer
CN I (name)olfactory
CN I (cranial exit)cribriform plate
CN I (fiber modalities)SVA
CN I (function)smell
CN II (name)optic
CN II (cranial exit)optic canal
CN II (fiber modalities)SA
CN II (function)vision
CN III (name)oculomotor
CN III (cranial exit)superior orbital fissure
CN III (fiber modalities)GSE
CN III (function)GSE
extraocular mm.
(1) superior rectus
(2) inferior rectus
(3) medial rectus
(4) inferior oblique

& upper eyelid m.
- levator palpebrae superioris

parasympathetic fibers
via ciliary ganglion
- accommodation
- pupillary constriction
CN IV (name)trochlear
CN IV (cranial exit)superior orbital fissure
CN IV (fiber modalities)GSE
CN IV (function)GSE
superior oblique m.
CN V (name)trigeminal
CN V.1 (cranial exit)superior orbital fissure
CN V.2 (cranial exit)foramen rotundum
CN V.3 (cranial exit)foramen ovale
CN V.1 (fiber modalities)GSA
CN V.2 (fiber modalities)GSA
CN V.3 (fiber modalities)GSA
CN V.1 (function)GSA
sensation from superior face
CN V.2 (function)GSA
sensation from middle face
CN V.3 (function)GSA
sensation from inferior face

muscles from 1st pharyngeal arch
(1) masseter
(2) temporalis
(3) medial pterygoid
(4) lateral pterygoid
(5) tensor veli palatini
(6) mylohyoid
(7) anterior belly of digastric
(8) tensor tympani
CN VI (name)abducens
CN VI (cranial exit)superior orbital fissure
CN VI (fiber modalities)GSE
CN VI (function)GSE
lateral rectus m.
CN VII (name)facial
CN VII (cranial entrance)internal acoustic meatus
CN VII- greater petrosal branch (cranial exit)temporal bone
----hiatus for greater petrosal-->
middle cranial fossa
joins deep petrosal
& exits --pterygoid canal-->
CN VII- chorda tympani branch (cranial exit)--posterior canaliculus-->
middle ear
traverses middle ear
reenters skull via anterior canaliculus
exits via petrotympanic fissure --> infratemporal fossa
CN VII- muscular branch (cranial exit)stylomastoid foramen
CN VII (fiber modalities)GSA
CN VII- GSA (function)sensation from
- small patch of skin behind ear
- floor of external auditory meatus
- outer surface of eardrum
CN VII- GVA (function)glandular reflex afferents
CN VII- GVE (function)parasympathetic fibers
- via pterygopalatine (greater petrosal br.) & submandibular ganglia (chorda tympani br.)

--- lacrimal
--- submandibular
--- sublingual
- mucosa
--- nasal cavity
--- paranasal sinuses
--- mouth
CN VII- SVE (function)muscles from 2nd pharyngeal arch
- facial expression
- post. belly of digastric m.
- stylohyoid m.
- stapedius m.
CN VII- SA (function)chorda tympani branch taste from
- palate
- anterior 2/3 of tongue
CN VIII (name)vestibulocochlear
CN VIII (cranial entrance)internal acoustic meatus
CN VIII (fiber modalities)SA
CN VIII (function)SA
- hearing
- balance
CN IX (name)glossopharyngeal
CN IX (cranial exit)jugular foramen
CN IX (fiber modalities)GSA
CN IX- GSA (function)poorly localized sensation from
- middle ear cavity
- internal tympanic membrane
- walls of upper pharynx
- auditory tube
- posterior 1/3 tongue
CN IX- SVE (function)stylopharyngeus muscle
CN IX- GVE (function)parasympathetic fibers
- via otic ganglion
--> parotid gland
CN IX- GVA (function)baroreception
- carotid sinus

- carotid body
CN IX- SA (function)taste from
- post. 1/3 tongue
- vallate papillae
CN X (name)vagus
CN X (cranial exit)jugular foramen
CN X (fiber modalities)GSA
CN X- GSA (function) sensation
- same small patch of skin behind ear

- larynx muscle spindles

poorly localized sensation
- wall of larynx
- wall of upper esophagus
CN X- SVE (function) striated muscles from 4th & 8th pharyngeal arches
- palate
- larynx
- pharynx
- upper esophagus
CN X- GVE (function) parasympathetic fibers
- glands
--- epiglottic region
--- crevical viscera
--- thoracic viscera
--- abdominal viscera
CN X- GVA (function)interoception
afferent arm of visceral reflexes
CN X- SA (function) taste
- base of tongue
- around epglottis
- upper larynx
CN XI (name)accessory
CN XI (cranial exit)jugular foramen
CN XI (fiber modalities)SVE
CN XI (function)- trapezius m.
- sternocleidomastoid (SCM) m.
CN XII (name)hypoglossal
CN XII (cranial exit)hypoglossal canal
CN XII (fiber modalities)GSE
CN XII (function)muscles of tongue