CPR certification

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Contact point to alveolar crestal bone=5mm
2-3 questions from the Lekolm & Zarb bone classification so know those
Question Answer
t/f: Immediate implant placement prevents bone resorptionFalse
what is the Hallmark sign of peri-implant mucositisBOP
what is the Hallmark of peri-implantitisbone loss
What is the Best term to describe treatment outcome with bone loss around implantunpredictable (no evidence that treatment is successful)
CBCT pic of sinus with really thin walls... should be treated with a ____ ______ approachLateral window approach
CBCT pic of sinus with denser trabeculation... should be treated with ____ approachOsteome/Summers approach
Implants are moving toward using ______ as a material and theres is a lot of room for improvement in bone ______Zirconia; Bone Grafting
You place an implant and it did not have primary stability, what should you do?wider implant and essix
Showed pic of edentoulous area and asked what dimension had bone losshorizontal bone loss
What is the minimum B-L ridge width for regular implant (4mm wide)6 mm (1 mm bone minimum + 4 mm implant + 1 mm bone minimum)
What is the ideal B-L ridge width for 4 mm implant?at least 8 mm (2 mm bone + 4 mm implant + 2 mm bone)
What is the minimum interdental (M-D between roots) distance for 4mm implant7mm minimum (1.5 mm M + 4 mm implant + 1.5 mm D)
What is the ideal interdental (M-D between roots) distance for 4mm implant8 mm ideal (2 mm M + 4 mm implant + 2 mm D)
Minimum B-L ridge widthe for regular implant (4 mm wide) should be ____ mm6 mm
What changes in the implant neck characteristics can prevent marginal bone loss after implant placement?Platform switching (0.5 mm) (although old lectures say none)
Which of the following are contraindications for sinus augmentation?extreme pneumatization
t/f: the direct crestal approach, compared to the lateral window of sinus augmentation, allows for better direct visualization of sinus membraneFALSE
You perf membrane, what next?Go outside in, collagen and graft…You do not work from perf out
Immediate implant base must be placed ____mm past socket3mm
gap around implant in immediate implant placement will fill with bone if gap distance less than or equal to ____mm2mm
what is the ideal width size of canine implant ___mm4 mm
Sven johansson has had function implants for almost ___ years50
______ implants are new and can be used for estheticszirconia
what is the only advantage of immediate implants?less procedures
a fundamental step for osseointegration of titanium implants is the formation of _____ ______ layertitanium oxide
probing depths around implant compared to normal are ______ (deeper/shallower)deeper
If an implant is placed while the patient is still growing, then the restoration will end up in _______-occlusion (infra/hyper)Infra (out of occlusion)
extraction of tooth complications can cause loss, especially of _____ bone.buccal
t/f: shorter implants have lower survival ratestrue
what is the standard horizontal bone loss buccal bone after extraction in mm?4mm (?)
__mm of bone surrounding implant is needed for immediate implant placement2 mm
study comparing implants and tooth at 10 years showed that implants have _____ (higher/lower) survival than teethlower
t/f: survival rates of endo tx teeth and implants when compaired are similar.true
t/f: salinas study of single tooth replacement is similar found that the survival rate of single tooth implants and endo treated teeth are similartrue
how many mm of marginal bone loss is expected around an implant?0.5 marginal bone loss around implant