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Section 1

Question Answer
No incentive for high productivityHourly rate
Encourage to sacrifice quality for quantityPiece rate
Rewards high performing employeesModified wage plan
Identify specific job per department, time spent on each jobTime ticket
Record starting and quitting timesTime card
Hours worked, salary, overtime deductionPayroll register
Not in job cost sheetActual overhead
Distribution of payment for allPayroll distribution sheet
Idle time if normalMFOH
Small benefits given by employersDe minimis

Section 2

Question Answer
Cycle timeNVA + VA
Manufacturing efficiency timeVA / TOTAL CYCLE
Direct cost effect relationship to costCost driver
Costs relate to particular activity measureCost bucket
causal factors explaining consumption of overheadActivity driver
Drive resource requirementsResource drivers

Section 3

Question Answer
Flow of documentsPurchase order, receiving report, materials ledger, materials requisition
Understates cogs in rising pricesFifo
Notify purchasing agentPurchase requisition
Net cost of normal spoilage isAllocated to jobs completed
Rejected but can be reworkedDefective
Separate loss account Abnormal spoilage, abnormal defect
Issues to shop floor, removes cost from Raw materials

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