Coupling Constants for 1H NMR

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This page helps memorize coupling consents for 1H NMR Spectroscopy

Coupling Arrangements and their Constants, J (Hz)

Question Answer
H-C-C-H6 to 8
H-C=C-H (trans)11 to 18
H-C=C-H (cis)6 to 15
C=C(-H)-CH4 to 10
Ar-H1 with Ar-H2 (ortho)6 to 10
6C ring with one H-C=C-H8 to 11
5C ring with one H-C=C-H5 to 7
R,R'-C=C-H,H0 to 5 (often 0)
6C ring H-C-C-H axial, axial8 to 14
6C ring H-C-C-H axial, equatorial0 to 7
6C ring H-C-C-H equatorial, equatorial0 to 5
C-H2 (cis)6 to 12
C-H2 (trans)4 to 8
O-H2 (cis)2 to 5
O-H2 (trans)1 to 3
H-C=C-C-H (long range)0 to 1.5


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