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Question Answer
1.What are some techniques leaders may use during the directive approach to counseling? Corrective Training Commanding
2.What Field Manual covers counseling? FM 6-22 Appendix B
4.What are the three approaches to counseling?Directive Non-directive Combined
8.What are the three major categories of developmental counseling? Event counseling Performance counseling Professional growth counseling
13.A counseling session consists of what 4 basic components? Opening the session.Discussing the issues.Developing the plan of action. Recording and closing the session.
14.What is counseling? Counseling is the process used by leaders to review with a subordinate the subordinate's demonstrated performance and potential.
16.How many human needs are there? 4 (Physical, Social, Security and Higher (Religious))
17.What is tact? A keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others and to avoid offense
18.What is the objective of counseling?For one person to help another
22.Leaders should seek to develop and improve what three leader counseling skills?Active Listening Responding Questioning
29.By neglecting the welfare of your Soldiers, you will probably do what?Lose their respect and loyal cooperation
30.What form is used for counseling? DA Form 4856 E
31.When is the directive approach in counseling most likely to be used? When time is short, when the LEADER knows what to do, when the counseled soldier has limited problem-solving abilities.
32.Is it a requirement that a leader counsel his/her subordinates? Yes. A leader who neglects to counsel his subordinates is negligent in his performance of duty
33.Is performance counseling limited to bad performance?No. Counseling may also be for good performance

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