Cost Accounting

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Question Answer
Strategic decision makers (4)Important customers, possible substitutes, features, cash to fund
Value Chain 6 partsR&D, Design, production, marketing, distribution, customer service
Supply Chain 4 partsIngredients, manufacturing, medium, customer
Key success factorsCost and efficiency, quality, time, innovation
5 step decision processIndetify problems, obtain information, make prediction about future, make decision of alternatives, implement decision
4 ethics to followICCC, Integrity, competince, confidentiality, credibility
Margin of Safety percentageMargin of safety / Revenue
Operating leverage$CM/OI
Kaizen BudgetingFocus on improvement from previous year. This can be done by improving sales or reducting cost
Master BudgetA list of all budgets within the company
Rolling BudgetContinously updating and extending the budget
Operation budgetits a budget

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