Core Unitek 1st Exam

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Question Answer
Illnessabnormal process aspects of social, emotional, or intellectual condition and function of a person are diminished or impaired
what was another term for hospital pesthouses
who is Theodor FliednerGerman pastor who helped the Luteran Order of Deaconesses established the first school of nursing in the mid 1800s
What is the significance of Florence Nightingale?She was a student of the first school of nursing. When she was a superintendent at a charity hospital where she encouraged cleaner hygiene
What effect did the Crimean War have on NightingaleShe wanted to help so and a group of nurses were sent
Isabel Hampton Robbfirst graded system of theory and practice in the schools of nursing. One of the founders of the American Journal of Nursing in 1893.
American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools of Nursing
Dorothea DixPioneer for elevation of standards for mentally ill.
Clara BartonDeveloped American Red Cross in 1881
Mary Ann Ball One of the nurses in Civil War
Linda RichardsFirst trained nurse in America. Responsible for the development of the first nursing and hospital records. Credited with development of documentation system
Lavinia Dockw/ Isabel Robb for the organization of the American Society of Superintendent of Training Schools that later evolved to National League for Nursing Education
Mary Eliza Mahoneyfirst black professional nurse. Help promote acceptance of blacks in nursing
Lillian Waldresponsible for the development of public health nursing in the US through the founding of the Henry Street Settlement in NYC
Mary NuttingDeveloped curriculum concepts and guidelines for student nurses. Helped with the development of the International Council of Nurses
Mary BreckenridgePioneer in nurse-midwifery. Established the Frontier Nursing Service to deliver obstetric care to mothers in Kentucky. Traveled on horses
In 1904, NC NJ NY and VA became first states to mandate licensure as a criterion for entry to professional practice.
NLNENational League for Nursing Education
Who encouraged that the baccalaureate degree should be the minimum to acceptance into nursingIsabel Robb and Adelaide Nutting
ANAAmerican Nurses Association recommended that nursing start in institutions
IOMInstitution of Medicine
First school for training PN started in Brooklyn, NY in 1892 called Ballard School
NAPNENational Association of Practical Nurse Education. They broadened their focus to include education and practice and established an accrediting service for schools of practical and vocational nursing in 1945. Later became NAPNES
NFLPNfounded by Lillian Kuster.. National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses
What is an approved program?satisfies the minimum standards set by the state agency responsible for overseeing education programs
accreditation?accrediting organization has judged that a program has met its reestablished criteria
what is a care plan?document that outlines the individual needs of the patent and the approach of the health care team to meet these needs.
documentation?is the permanent record of the patient's progress and treatment
4 major concepts of nursing models of careNursing, Patient, Health, and Environment