COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Heart Failure

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3rd leading cause of death in USCOPD
Caused by smokingCOPD & Chronic Bronchitis
Type of COPDChronic Bronchitis
Heart cannot pump sufficient blood to meet the body’s needsHeart Failure
Pulmonary Edema, cracklesLeft Sided Heart Failure
Coolness of extremities secondary to venous congestion in major organsRight Sided Heart Failure

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Can be caused by chronic bronchitis, emphysema & asthmaCOPD
Use bronchodilatorsCOPD & Chronic Bronchitis
Productive cough most days of the month for 3 month out of the year for 2 years in a row without underlying diseasesChronic Bronchitis
Can be diagnosed with BNP & ANFHeart Failure
Cough with frothy, blood tinged sputumLeft Sided Heart Failure
Can cause weight gainRight Sided Heart Failure

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Cyanosis of lips and/or nailbedsCOPD
Pursed-lip breathingCOPD & Chronic Bronchitis
Excessive mucous productionChronic Bronchitis
Can cause Cardiogenic shockHeart Failure
Decreased renal function - elevated BUN, albuminuriaLeft Sided Heart Failure
Can cause liver enlargementRight Sided Heart Failure

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Would need additional calories, proteins, vitamins and mineralsCOPD
Need flu shot and pneumococcal vaccineCOPD & Chronic Bronchitis
Worse in the coldChronic Bronchitis
Would require diureticsHeart Failure
Shows symptoms of pulmonary congestionLeft Sided Heart Failure
Increased peripheral venous pressureRight Sided Heart Failure

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Can use phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors as medication treatmentCOPD
Elevate HOBCOPD & Chronic Bronchitis
Inflammation of the bronchial tubesChronic Bronchitis
Decreased cardiac outputHeart Failure
Can exhibit paroxsymal nocturnal dyspneaLeft Sided Heart Failure
Can exhibit JVDRight Sided Heart Failure

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