Contraception and infertility

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Question Answer
Tri or 7/7/7 or cycl triphasic formulation
Lolow estrogen= <35 mcg
Fecontains iron
luteinizing hormone LHmid cycle LH surge (what ovulation tests detect) results in release of the egg from the ovary into fallopian tube. lives for one day once released
pregnancy test kits are positive if what positive?human chorionic gonadotropin. hCG
boxed warning for when no use estrogen>35 years old and smoke due to CV risk! CI
clotting risk things keep in mind=high estrogen dose= higher chance clot, drospirenone pills may have higher risk than other progestins but absolute risk still lower than with pregnancy, ortho evra patch higher systemic exposure than most COC pills (nuva ring lower systemic exposure)
breast-feeding choose progestin only pill or non-hormonal method 1st 42 days (1st 21 days if no VTE risk factors). estrogen decreases milk production!
spotting or breakthrough bleeding more common with theseseasonale, seasonique, amethyst. wait for 3 cycles before switching.
mid cycle spotting _______ dose may be too lowestrogen
later in cycle spotting ___________ dose may be too lowprogestin
migraine with auraprogestin only or non-hormonal method. estrogen increase stroke risk! progestin only pills can be used as migraine prophylaxis for premenstrual migraines.
fluid retention/bloatingproduct containing drospirenone. mild diuretic.
premenstrual dysphoric disorderyaz, sertraline, or fluoxetine (sarafem)
nauseatake at night with food, can consider decreasing estrogen dose or nonhormonal method, should try for 3 months see what happens though first
acneCOC lower androgenic activity
heavy menstrual bleedingnatazia and mirena indicated for this. bleeding loss slight with injectibles, implants, and IUDS.
most effective form B/Cimplant or IUD
estrogen SE (FYI)nausea, breast tenderness, weight gain, elevated BP. lower doses can help but can cause spotting...wait 3 months see if spotting goes away.
progestin SE (FYI)breast tenderness, HEADACHE, fatigue, or changes mood.
progestin only contraception start day options start at any time. use another method b/c 48 hrs. protection begins after 2 days.
progestin only contraception missed dose3 hrs have elapsed. need use protection for 48 hrs.
progestin/estrogen start day optionsstart today, requires back up 7 days OR start on sunday following onset menses.......back up 7 days. start on first day of menses (within 5 days)= no back up needed.
progestin/estrogen missed pillsone pill missed then take as soon as possible and other one scheduled time. no back up needed. two or more missed then continue taking remaining pills at usual time...use back up for 7 days.
progestin.estrogen missed pills (2 or more) hormonal pills missed last week of pack thenomit hormone free interval by finishing pills current pack and start new pack next day. unable start new pack then use back up until first 7 days of new pack taken.
seasonale and seasonique91 day regimen with 84 active pills. seasonale 7 placebo while seeasonique 7 low dose days.start on sunday after menses.
amethystno palcebo. 28 days of active pill
avoid use if kidney, liver, or adrenal gland disease due to risk hyperkalemiadrospirenone formulations
ortho evra and xulanepatch that put on 21/28 days. estrogen and progestin.
depo-proverathe shot, depot medroxyprogesterone = progestin. injected every 3 months
mirena, skyla, lilettahormonal IUDS (progestin only). lighter bleeding and minor or no cramping. mirena up to 5 years and other two 3 yrs.
paragardcopper T IUD. 10 years lasts but heavy and painful bleeding. some women prefer.
nexplanonimplant rod...progestin...3 years
emergancy contraception use within5 days...more efficacious earlier use
Plan-B one steplevonorgestrel. no age or other restrictions OTC.
Ellaulipristal acetate. emergency contraception.