Contraception and Infertility

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Question Answer
Leutinizing hormoneCauses release of oocyte from ovary
Ovulation kits test forLH
Pregnancy tests test forhuman chorionic gonadotropin
Progestin with higher blood clot riskDrospirenone
Ortho evra candidates <35, non smoker, 198lbs or less, clotting hx, MI hx
POP how long until backup needed after missed pill3hrs, then backup for 48hrs
If start COC on five days from first day of mensesno backup needed
If start COC on sunday following periodbackup for 7 days
start today backup for 7 days-quick start
Nuva ring storagegood for 4mo at room temp
If Nuva ring is out for >3h use back up for 7 days
Depo supplementationVitD and Calcium
Copper (paragard) IUD vs hormonalLasts 10yrs but heavier bleeding and cramping
Paragard as ECeffective if inserted within 5 days
Common EC Ella and plan B one step
Plan B one step tabletsone 1.5mg levonorgestrel
Ullipristal (Ella) MOAdelays ovulation and may prevent implantation
Levonorgestrel MOAprevents or delays ovulation, thickens cervical mucus