Continental Drift Theory

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Question Answer
How do animal fossils help the continental drift theory?The presence of same animal fossils in two locations that are currently far apart from each other suggests that the continents were once connected.
How do plant fossils support the continental drift theory? There was so much vegetation that is now extinct. They all once lived on a large landmass called Pangaea.
How does glacial evidence support the continental drift theory?The glaciers weight combined with it's movement can change landmasses over a long period of time. The presence of past glaciers in areas that are currently arid suggest that the present locations of the continents has not been constant. In other words, the continents are currently in different locations from where they were about 300 million years ago.
How do the fit of the continents support the continental drift theory?It explains that there was a large landmass put all together named Pangaea.
How does rock sequences support the continental drift theory?The puzzle-like fit of the continents were used as evidence to suggest that in the past the continents were joined into one super-continent.
How do climate changes in Antarctica support the continental drift theory?It helps me understand the world in the distant past by showing us that world may have once had a warmer climate. Or was further north on the Earth. The presence of coal deposits and therefore evidence of past plant life in Antarctica.