Contemporary Art lesson 1

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Question Answer
Modern ArtTraditional art
Modern ArtArt that has history
Contemporary ArtArt in present time
Contemporary ArtContinuously in process & in flux
Matter of perception & reception depending on the contextThe distinction of modern & contemporary art could be ________
(1) Fine/Aesthetic [MAJOR] & (2) Utilitarian/Practical [MINOR]Two types of Art
Fine/Aesthetic ArtFor aesthetic enjoyment through senses such as sight & hearing
Fine/Aesthetic ArtChanging certain materials for aesthetic purpose
Utilitarian/Practical ArtFor practical use
Industrial ArtChanging of raw materials into some significant product for human consumption/use
Household Art concerned with the maintenance and care of a household
Industrial ArtShell-craft, Bamboo craft, leather craft, Shoe-making
Household ArtFlower arrangement, interior decoration, dress making
Civic ArtRefers to civic planning in order to improve standards of living
Civic ArtCity/town planning, beautification of plazas, parks, road, etc
Commercial ArtBusiness propaganda in the form of advertisement in newspapers & magazines, poster designing
Graphic Artsis anything anything printed from raised/sunken relief
Agricultural ArtRefers to agronomy, husbandry, horticulture & farming
Business ArtMerchandising, accounting, stenography, business administration
Fishery ArtShallow & Deep fishing, fish refrigeration
Medical/Clinical ArtFirst aid treatment, surgery, rehab, etc