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a written cash flow planbudget
the act of matching your bank statement with ur checkbook reconcile
a cash plan that assigns an expense to every dollar or ur income , wherein the total income minus the total expenses equals 0zero based budget
an item that is bought without previous planning or consideration of the long term effects impulse purchase
occurs when money is withdrawn from a bank account and the available balance is below zero overdraft
series of envelopes that are divided into catagories and are used to store cash for planned monthly expenses envelope systems
a summary that shows total income and the spending for a given time periodcash flow statement
a copy of each check u writecarbon check
the number 1 cause of divorce in the usa is becuz of money true
the envelope system works great for managing money on things that don't normally have a fixed monthly expensetrue
doing a budget does notmake overspending more likely

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