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Constitutional Amendments

Updated 2009-11-23 15:22


Memorize the Amendments to the US Constitution.

Bill of Rights

1stBasic Freedoms
2ndweapons and militia
3rdHousing Soldiers
4thSearches and seizure
5thRights of the accused
6thRight to a fair and speedy trial
7thJury trial in civil cases
8thBail & punishment
9thPowers reserved to the People
10thPowers reserved to the states or to the people

11 through 18

11thsuits against states
12thelection of president and vice president
13thend of slavery
14thCitizenship rights
15thvoting rights
16thincome tax
17thrights of citizens; electing of Senators
18thban on alcohol

19 through 27

19thWomen's suffrage
20thTerms of office
21stRepeals 18th amendment
22ndLimits on presidential terms
23rdpresidential votes for Washington, D.C.
24thban on poll taxes
25thPresidential succession
26thvoting Age
27thcongressional compensation

Bill of Rights (more detail)

Number (year ratified)Description
1st (1791)Freedoms of Speech, Press, Religion, Assembly, and Petition (remember: SPRAP)
2nd (1791)Right to bear arms
3rd (1791)No Quartering soldiers in private homes
4th (1791)Searches and seizures; warrants
5th (1791)Due process (no self-incrimination; double jeopardy; private property (Eminent Domain) )
6th (1791)Rights of the accused (speedy trial; jury in criminal cases)
7th (1791)Right to trial by jury in civil cases
8th (1791)Excessive bail & fines; cruel & unusual punishment
9th (1791)Unenumerated rights retained by the people
10th (1791)Powers reserved to the states or to the people

11 through 18 (more detail)

Number (year ratified)Description
11th (1795)Immunity of states to foreign suits
12th (1804)Revision of presidential election procedures (and Presidential succession)
13th (1865)Abolition of slavery
14th (1868)Citizenship, state due process, state equal protection
15th (1870)Racial suffrage
16th (1913)Federal income tax
17th (1913)Direct election to the United States Senate
18th (1919)Prohibition of alcohol

19 through 27 (more detail)

Number (year ratified)Description
19th (1920)Women's suffrage
20th (1933)Term Commencement for congress and president
21st (1933)Repeal of Prohibition
22nd (1951)Limits the president to two terms
23rd (1961)Representation of Washington, D.C. in Electoral College
24th (1964)Suffrage and prohibition of poll taxes
25th (1967)Presidential succession
26th (1971)Age suffrage
27th (1992)Variance of congressional compensation