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What limits the power of the federal government?The constitution
How many divisions or branches is the United States government broken into? 3
What are the three branches of government?Legislative, Executive & Judicial
What guarantees that “all men are created equal”? The Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence
What is the source of authority of the Constitution? The people
How many houses is Congress divided into? What are they called?2 - House of Reps. & Senate

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How long is a term for a member of the House of Reps?2 years
What are the qualifications to be a member of the House of Reps?25 years old, 7 years a citizen & lives in the state you want to represent
The number of Representatives a state receives in the House depends on what?Population
What does Congress take every 10 years in the U.S.?A Census (measures population)
What is the 3/5ths Compromise?3/5 of slaves are counted as population for representation
How is the Speaker of the House chosen?Members of the House of Representatives vote?
Who is the current speaker of the house?Paul Ryan
Who is Cheshire's Representative in the House of Reps.?Elizabeth Esty
What is the role of the House in an impeachment trial?Sole Power to impeach
How many members are currently in the House?435
Is it possible to elect a completely new House of Reps every 2 years?Yes, All Reps are elected every two years

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How many senators does each state have?2
Who are CT's senators?Chris Murphy & Richard Blumenthal
What is the length of a Senator's term?6 years
What fraction of the Senate must run for election every 2 years?1/3
What are the qualifications to run for the Senate?30 years old, 9 years a citizen & Resident of the state
Who is the President of the Senate?Vice President Joe Biden
When does the President Vote?To Break a tie
What is the role of the Ptesident pro tempore of the Senate?To serve as a tempory president of the Senate
Who is the current President pro tempore?Orrin Hatch
What is the role of the Senate in an impeachment trial?Senate acts as the Jury- Conduct the trial
Who presides pover the impeachment trial of a PresidentChief Justice
What is needed for a guilty verdict in an impeachment trial? 2/3 vote from the Senate
How many times has the PResident been impeached?2 - Clinton & Johnson
What happens following a guilty verdict in an impeachment trial?Removed from office & banned from holding office

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What is the basic function of Legislature?Make laws
Who decides if a Congressperson has the proper Qualifications of office?Members of Congress
What is a quorum? Smallest number for a majority
How much is the quorum in the House?218
How much is the quorum in the Senate?51
What is the approximate salary of the a member of Congress? $175,000
Where can an account of the day's activities in the House and Senate be found?The Congressional Record
Where is a Senator protected from the charge of slander?When speaking on the floor?
What can the President use to kill a particular bill from becoming a law without taking action?Pocket Veto- Does nothing for 10 days and Congress is no longer in session
When can a bill come a law over the President's veto?2/3 of Congress override the veto
When can bill that has passed both houses become a law without the President's signature?Refuses to sign for 10 days while Congress is in session?

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What part of Congress can write tax bills?House of Reps
Does Congress have the power to tax?yes
Does Congress have the power to make laws for becoming a U.S. citizen?yes
DOes Congress have the power to determine the age for driving licenses?No
Does Congress have the power to coin money and borrow money?Yes
Does Congress have the power to be in- charge of the Nations' treasure?Yes
Does Congress have the power to declare war?Yes
Does Congress have ghd power to establish schools?No
Do states have the right to make decisions regarding the age of legal driving? Yes
Do states have the right to make the age of legal voting?No
Do states have the right to make the age at which a person may be drafted?No
Do states have the right to make the age at which a person may run for the Senate?No
Can states coin money?No

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What does the elastic clause?Power to make all laws necessary and proper. Deal with changing needs of nation
What can Congress not tax?Exports
What did Congress decide to do with the slave trade? Nothing until 1808
What does a Writ of Habeas Corpus assure citizens?Protection from unlawful imprisonment.
What is a bill of attainder?A law declaring someone guilty of something
What is an ex post facto law? a law that punishes someone for something that was not illegal when they did it

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What is the general function of the Executive?Enforce Laws
How long is the President's term? 4 years
How is the President elected? Electoral College
What determines the number of electoral votes?# of Representatives + # of Senators
How many electoral votes does CT have?7
What is needed for a candidate to be elected President?Majority of electoral votes
What are the qualifications to become President?35 years old, Natural born citizen & resident for 14 years
If neither candidate received a majority of the electoral votes, how is the President electedHouse of Representatives
What must the President "take" before taking office?Oath of Office

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What power does the President have as Commander in Chief?Control of Armed forces?
Who can the President get advice from?His Cabinet
What is a pardon? Forgive a federal crime
What is a reprieve Canceling or postponing a punishment
Who must approve treaties made by the PResident?2/3 of the Senate
What must the President make once per year? A report to Congress- State of the Union Address
When may a President be impeached?Treason, high crimes, bribery & misdemeanors
Is the President required to read and write?No

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What is the length of a Supreme Court Justice's term? Life
How many members are currently on the Supreme Court?9
Who is currently the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?John Roberts?
What is the main function of the Supreme Court?Interpret Laws
How many Supreme Court Justices are needed to determine the meaning of the Constitution?5
What does a court of original jurisdiction mean? RIght to hear a case for the first time
When does the Supreme court act in original jursidiction? Dispute between 2 staes
What does treason mean?Act of betraying one's country
How many witnesses are needed to convict a person of treason?2