Constitution of India

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Question Answer
Article 14Equality before law
Article 15Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion race caste sex or place of birth
Article 16Equality in matters of public employment
Article 17abolition of Untouchablity
Article 18Abolition of Titles
Article 19Protection of certain right regarding freedom of speech etc
Article 20Protection in respect of conviction for offence
Article 21Protection of Life and personal liberty
Article 21ARight to Education
Article 22Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases
Article 23Forced labour and traffic
Article 24Child labour
Article 25Freedom of religion
Article 26Manage religious affairs
Article 27Payment of taxes in religious issues
Article 28religious institutions
Article 29Minorities
Article 32Constitutional remedies
Article 51AFundamental duties
Article 76Attorney general
Article 165Advocate general of State
Article 108Joint session of LS and RS
Article 110Money bill
Article 112Annual financial Budget
Article 123Ordinances by president
Article 213Ordinance by Governor
Article 124: Establishment of Supreme court
Question Answer
Article 214Establishment of HC
Article 124ANJAC
Article 143Advise by SC to president
Article 148CAG
Article 280Finance Commission
Article 315UPSC
Article 324Election Commission
Article 338Commission for SC
Article 338ACommission for ST
Article 343-351Official languages
Article 352National emergency
Article 356President rule
Article 358Dismiss article 19 during National emergency( external)
Article 359suspension of enforcement of FR (except 20,21)
Article 360Financial emergency
Article 365Failure of state to follow center's order
Article 368Amendment procedure
Article 370Special status to J&K