Constitution history

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indian constitution set up in6th Dec,1946
what was the number of members389
first meeting held atdelhi, 9th dec,1946
who was inaugerent/temporary president of constituent assemblyDr.Sacchidananda Sinha
who was permanent president of constituent assemblyDr.Rajendra Prasad
who was the vice president of constituent assemblyHemendra Kumar Mukhopadhay
when Rajendra Prasad was elected as the permanent president of constituent assembly11th Dec,1946
who was the constitutional advisor of constituent assemblyDr.B.N Rao
when drafting committee was set up29th Aug,1947
how many members were there in drafting comittee7

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who was the chairman of drafting committeeB.R Ambedkar
who was the only muslim member of drafting committeeSyed Md. Sadullah
when drafting committee started working to prepare constitution4th Nov,1947
when drafting committee submitted the drafting constitution to constituent assembly21st Feb,1948
when was indian constituent assembly actually ready26th Nov,1949
when was constitution came into force in india26th Jan,1950
time to prepare indian constitution2yrs 11months 7days(18)
rupees spend to prepare constitutionnearly 64 lakh
when 'diarchy' was introduced in provinces1919
how many articles were there in constitution395

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how many parts were there in constitution22
how many schedules were there in constitution8
how many articles are there in constitution446
how many parts are there in constitution24
how many schedules are there in constitution12
how many members were there in cabinet mission3
main idea of the indian constitution has been prepared based onthe govt. of india act 1935
who was the chairman of drafting committee of constitutionB.R Ambedkar