Constitution ch-3

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articles related to fundamental rights

Question Answer
defn of fundamental rights12
importance of fundamental rights13
equality before law/equal protection of laws14
abolition of social discrimination15
equal opportunities in govt service16
abolition of untouchability17
abolition of titles18

points related to fundamental rights

Question Answer
the concept of fundamental rights were borrowed fromUSA
which part deals with fundamental rightspart3
which articles are related with fundamental rights12 to 35
how many fundamental rights were there in our const6
right to property was aboilished through the 44 amendment in the year1978
ho wmany funamental rights are there in our const6
who has the power to amend fundamental rightsparliament
what was the article no of right to property31
what is called right to property at presentlegal or moral right
who has the power to suspend funamental rights during the emergency periodpresident
to save our _________ and _________ high court applies the writ following the article of 226legal or moral rights; fundamental rights
the idea of writ was taken fromUK
to save only the fumamental right supreme court applies the write following the article of32
which fundamental right is called the heart and soul of the constright to constitutional remedies
how many types of writs are mentioned in const5types

other points related to fundamental rights

Question Answer
which articles cannot be suspended during emergency periodart 20 and 21
who enjoys the writ to save our fundamental right and other legal rightshigh court and supreme court
who waid that art 32 is the "heart and soul of const"B.R Ambedkar
abolition of social discrimination stated underart 15
abolition of under which articleart 18
preventive detention act was passed in1950
three conscience of religion under which article25
the idea of 'equality before law' has been taken fromUK
the rights that are guranteed and protected by the cosnt arefundamental rights
fundamental rights are contained in which part3
the fundamental rights are _________ and _________ through courtsjustifiable; enforceable
the govt can change fundamental rights only throughconst. amendment
there were originally _________ right but one called _________ hae been taken out so there are _________ in all now7; right to property; 6


Question Answer
habeas corpusthis writ is in the nature of an order. it is issued agaist wrongful detention. by issuing such a writ the court can order that a person who has been imprisioned brought before it to know the reason of his detention and set him free if there is no legal justification for the imprisonment. the words 'habeas corpus' means to have a body.
mandamusit means command. it commands the person to whom it is addressed to perform some public or quasi pblic legal duty which he has refused to reform and the performance of which cannot be enforced by any other adequate legal remedy.
prohibitionthis is issued by the suprememe court or a high court to an inferior court or a lower court forbidding the latter to discontinue proceeeding in a case which is outside its jurisdiction
cortiorarythis is issued to a lower court after a case has been decided by it quashing the decisions or order. it is issued when the court acts beyond its jurisdiction.
quo warrantoit is a proceeding by which the court enquires into the legality of the claim of a person to public offence and to remove him from enjoyment if the claim is not well founded.

fundamental rights

Question Answer
right to equality(art 14-18)every citizen is assured euality before the law and the equal protections of the laws. no discrimination can be made on the grounds of religion, caste,race,sex or place of birth. in matters of public employment also all citizens are assured equality of opportunity
right to freedom(art 19-22)the right gurantees to citizens six fundamental freedoms- freedom of speech and expression, freedom of assembly, freedom to form associations, feedom of movement, freedom to reside and settle in any part of the country, freedom of profession.
art 21 contains right to life and by the _________ was inserted, which contains right to education86th amendment 2002, art 21(a)
right agains exploitation(art 23-24)this right seeks to protect the weaker sections against exploitation by unscrupulus persons or even the state it prohibits traffic in human beings and beggar and imposes restrictions on the employment of children below the age of 14 in factories and other hazardous jobs.
right to freedom of religion(art 25-28)every citizen is free to profess,practice and propagate any religion. the state can neither patronize any particular religion nor ask any citizen to pay taxes for the promotion of any religion(act 27) and art 28 prohibits instruction in any educational institution.
cultural and educational rights(art 29-30)the const permits the minorities to conserve their language,script and culture and establish and administer educational institutions for the purpose.
right to constitutional remedies(art 32)this right has been described as the heart and soul of the const. both the supreme and high courts are empoweered to issue writs of habeous corpus,mandamus,prohibition,quo-warranto and certiorari.