Constipation and diarrhea

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ADA guidelines recc toincrease fiber intake and possibility add osmotic agent like milk of magnesia or miralax
oral stimulants can be added on atbedtime chronically
best time take oral stimulant30 mins after a meal
something have to think about with fiber intake (esp elderly)hard increase fluids cuz go bahtroom all time so docusate might be better
opiods will require stimulant becausereduced ability push stool out. if poop hard give docusate too, if mush then no docusate
metamucil (psyllium)bulk forming agent.
fibercon (calcium polycarbophil)bulk forming agent
citrucel (methylcellulose)bulk forming agent
take fiber ___ hrs before other drugs2 hrs
magnesium hydroxidemilk of magnesia...osmotic
senna stimulant
bisacodyl (dulcolax)stimulant
colacedocusate sodium...emollient (stool softener)
good when want to avoid strainingdocusate
docusate emollient
mineral oillubricant, not preferred
amitizialubiprostone. for constipation. increased fluid and peristalsis. nausea, diarrhea, headache
entereg alvimopan. peripheral mu receptor antagonist. only for hospitalized patients given prior to srugery reduce risk ileus.
entereg CIpatients who have taken therapeutic doses of opiods for more than 7 consectutive days prior to use
viberzileluxadoline. mu opiod agonist. for diarhea (IBS with diarrhea)
drugs can cause constipatoinverapamil, iron, ipiods, anticholinergics
drugs can cause diarrheaantancids with magnesium, antibiotics,
most cases diarrhea areviral, ecoli most common bacterial cause
bismuth subsalicylate (pepto bismol)antisecreotry agent for diarrhea
CI to pepto bismulsalicylate allergy. coagulopathy. concomitent use ASA.
SE pepto bismulblack tongue/stool
loperamide (Imodium)do not self treat over 48 hours
lomotildiphenoxylate/atropine C5. for diarrhea
not recc in c diff infectionimodium and lomotil