Connective Tissue

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what is the function of areolar connective tissue wraps and cushions organs, holds and conveys tissue fluid , plays an important role in inflammation
where is areolar connective tissue located surrounds organs and capillaries and forms lamina propria in mucuous memrbrane
what is the function of adipose connective tissue insulates against heat, food resorvoir , supports and protects organs
where is adipose tissue located ?under the skin in subcutaneous tissue , around kidney and eyeballs , and within abdomen and breast
what is the function of reticular tissue ?forms soft insternal skeleton that supports other skin types
where is reticular tissue located ?lymphoid organs
what is the function of dense regular connective tissue attatches muscles to bone or other muscles, withstands tensile stress when force is applied in one direction
where is dense regular tissue located ? tendons and ligaments
what is the function of dense Irregular Tissue withstands tension exerted in many directions provides structural strength
where is dense irregular tissue located ?fibrous capsules or organs and joints , dermis of skin , and submucosa of GI tract
what is the function of elastic tissue ?allows tissue to recoil after stretching , aids passive recoil of lungs , maintains pulsatile flow of blood through arteries
where is elastic tissue located ? walls of large arteries , and walls of bronchial tubes

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what is the function of hyaline cartilage ? supports and reinforces , serves as resilient cushion , resist compressive stress
where is hyaline cartilage located? forms ends of long bones in joints , costal cartilage , in nose trachea and larynx , forms embryonic skeleton
what is the function of elastic cartilage ?maintains shape of structure with flexibility
where is elastic cartilage located ?external ear , and epiglottis
what is the function of fibrocartilage ?absorbs compressive shock
where is fibrocartilage located ? invertebral discs , pubic symphysis , disc of knee joint
what is the function of bone ? supports and protects , levers for muscles , stores calcium , and minerals ,
where is bone located ?bones
what is the function of blood ? transports waste nutrients , gases and other substances throughout the body
where is blood located ?contained within blood vessels