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Connective tissue

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What is areolar tissue?Matrix with fibroblasts supported by gel membrane with collagenous & elastic fibers
What is the function of Areolar tissue?Attachment
Where is Areolar tissue found?Binds skin to underlying organs and fills in space between muscles
What is Adipose tissue?Adipose(fat)-Tightly packed & highly vascularized An oil droplet pushes the nucleus to one side
Where is Adipose found?In body fat.
What is the function of Adipose?nutrient storage, protection, insulation
What is Reticular connective tissue?Thin collagenous fibers that form a 3-dimensional network
Where is Reticular tissue found?spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow
What is the function of Reticular tissue?Forms a matrix that supports free white blood cells.
What is regular dense tissue?Collagen runs parallel to the direction of pull Strong white flexible structures Poor blood supply, slow tissue repair
Where is Regular dense tissue found?Tendons and ligaments
What is the function of Regular dense tissue?strength & flexibility & attachment
What is irregular dense tissue?Fibers interwoven in different directions to pull in different directions
Where is Irregular dense tissue found?Under the dermal layer
What is the function of Irregular dense tissue?Strength, flexibility and attachment

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What is cartilage? Rigid supports, frameworks, and attachments Withstands both tension and compression and it is avascular (few blood vessels) and lacks nerve fibers
What is Hyaline cartilage?fine collagen fibers give tissue a “washed out” appearance
Where is Hyaline cartilage found?ends of bones, soft part of the nose, supporting rings of trachea, template for embryonic bone development
What is the function of Hyaline cartilage?Cushion & strength
What is Elastic cartilage?Elastic cartilage has visible elastic fibers
Where is Elastic cartilage found?external ear and epiglottis
What are the functions of Elastic cartilage?strength and tolerance for repeated bending
What is Fibrocartilage? Visible collagen fibers, Small lacuna, Provides strong support where needed
What is the function of Fibrocartilage?compression and strength
Where is Fibrocartilage found?vertebral discs
What is the most common cartilage?Hyaline

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What is bone?Bone is very rigid because in addition to collagen fibers it has a dense matrix of calcium salts The matrix forms a circular pattern (dry bone only)
Where is bone found?Skeleton only.
What is the function of bone?Supports & protects body tissues
What is Osteon?histological structural unit in compact bone; elongated cylinders parallel to long axis of bone; form tiny, weight-bearing pillars
What is Haversian's canal?small hollow channel surrounded by tissue in the centre of the osteon
What does Haversian's canal do?Transport blood, lymph, and nerve vessels.
What is Lamella?Layers of connective tissue between concentric rings of osteocytes that surround the central canal
What are the empty spaces called within the lemallae of each harvasian system?Lacunae