Confirmation Interview

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Question Answer
Why do you want to be confimed?To strengthen my relationship with God?
What is your service project?I help people who can't do things by themselves.
Who is your sponser?My sponser's name is Teresa Mika. She is my grandmother.
What is the gift of wisdom?The perfection of the theological virtue of faith.
What is the gift of understanding?To become certain of faith.
What is the gift of counsel?The desire to perfect good judgement in accordance with faith.
What is the gift of fortitude?Courage to follow through on actions suggested by the gift of counsel.
What is the gift of knowledge?The ability to have and know good judgement.
What is the gift of piety?The desire to worship and serve God out of love.
What is the gift of fear of the Lord?The understanding that God is all powerful.
What is grace?God's life within you.
Thou shall not kill is a commandment which means?Don't kill a person, physically or in spirit.
What is confirmation?Confirmation is where you accept your want to continue building a relationship with God and your readiness to do his will on Earth.

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