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Question Answer
mc malaria bug in africa and caribbeanp faciparum
mc malaria bug in s americap vivax (latent liver)
all anti-malarial rx cause _________ cv s/eprolonged qt
g6pd def pts avoid _________ and _________ malaria ppxprimaquine and quinine
best malaria ppx in africa and carribean leaving in <2wkatovaquone-proguanil
best malaria ppx in africa and carribean in generalmefloquine
mefloquine c/i in _ ptsMDD, sz
malaria ppx in s americaprimaquine (p vivax/ovale, latent liver)
malaria rx to tx in pts w/o g6pd defquinine + doxy
dx- resp changes, ams, petechial rash s/p femur fxrfat embolus
dx- <5 y/o female 5+ joints swollen/painfulpolyarticular onsent juvenile ra
dx- >5 y/o female <4 joints swollen, painful liimp, knee swell, +/- eyepauciarticuar onset juvenile ra
dx- avn hip in 4-12 y/o malelegg calve perthes dz
men1 psparathyroid, pit, pancreas
genetic d bili jaundice with inc urine coprophyrin Iduby


Question Answer
dx- baby looks like botulinum but w/o honey or dec EOMwednig hoffman (spinal mm atrophy type 1)
dx- low ca, high po4, low pthhypopth
sd rule from normal dist68, 95, 99.7%
omm- cp prostateposterolateral itb
omm- cp colonanterior itb
MAT vs wandering pacemakerboth 3+ diff p wave morphs, MAT >100bpm
dx- vasopressors in hotn old pt, abd painnon occlusive mesenteric ishcemia
omm- cp at 2nd icsheart, thyroid, esoph, bronchi
1st line tx in unstable petpa (if no ci's)
preferred triple therapypcn, macrolide, ppi
if all to pcn or macrolide and need triple therapyuse mtz instead
dx- yellow scattered fat deposit on eye examage related macular degen
dx- sudden vision loss, cherry red macula on examrenal a occlusion
dx- low blood counts, thumb abn, cafe au lait, renal abn, shortfanconi anemia
type- ankle sprain atfl only1
type- ankle sprain atfl and calcaneofibular2
type- ankle sprain atfl, calcaneofibular, and ptfl3
c diff sensitive testc diff toxin pcr
c diff spec testc diff toxin eia assay
rx for tic d/oda antagonist (antipsychotic)
rx for ocdssri or tca


Question Answer
chorioamniontitis at 33 wk mgmtinduce delivery, abx
pprom at 24 wks mgmtbetamethasone (nothing if <24 wk, deliver and abx if >36 wk)
dx test- uv jxn obstruction kidabd u/s
dx- vulvar lesion white with vinegarcondyloma cuminatum (hpv)
mgmt- condyloma cuminatum vulva (hpv)imiquimod, podophyllin (small) or fulguration (large)
mgmt- 67 y/o woman concerned abt cervical canothing, no paps >65 y/o
1st step- pprom >36wkamp and gent
dx- teenager, mild stressor, out of body experiencedepersonalization
dx- stressor, loss of memory of stressor with traveldissociative fuge
dx- stressor, loss of memory of stressordissociative amnesia
dx- childhood trauma, neglect, blackouts, mult personalitiesdissociative identity d/o
mcc irregular menses at menarche/menopause agesanovulation (reassure pt)
mgmt- cocaine induced htn emergencyphentolamine (alpha block) before bb
reye's syndrome labhigh ammonia (hepatic encephelopathy)
1st step- precocious puberty femalewrist xray
w/u precocious puberty femalewrist xr -> gnrh stim test -> mri (if LH elevatted) or u/s (if periph lesion)
dx- itchy red lesion on vulvapaget's
dx- itchy black lesion on vulvascc vs melanoma


Question Answer
fever post op day 1atelectasis (wind)
fever post op day 2pna (wind)
fever post op day 3uti (water)
fever post op day 5dvt (walking)
fever post op day 7+wound