Comquest 4

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Question Answer
aminoglycoside (gentamicin) s/enephrotoxicity
alph-1-antitrypsin affects _________ and _________lungs (copd) and liver (failure)
DTR 3/4 vs 4/44/4 has sustained clonus
copd exac keep sats at _________ and PaO2 at _________90-94%, 60-65 mmHg
mgmt- GIST with c-kit in jejunumresection, imatinib
PDA cxrinc pulm vascular markings
scoliosis >_________ resp comp50 deg
scoliosis >_________ CV comp75 deg
2 rx for smoking cessation, buprorpion and _________varencicline
hosp sick pt omtcsc, fpr, mfr
mgmt- flu outside 72 hrantipyretics only
mgmt- insulinomasurg
FAT-RN w/o e. coli and +ADAMTS13TTP
mc anal fissure locationposterior midline
ambigious genitalia with HoTN, HoNa and HrK21-alpha-hydroxylase
ambigious genitalia with HTN, HoK17-alpha-hydroxylase
mgmt- dermatitis herpetiformisdapsone


Question Answer
dx- kid w/ uri sx followed by slap cheek rasherythema infectiousum (parvo b19)
mgmt- wpw syndromeradioablation of accessory pathway
dx- vault hold, r side index finger anteriorR lateral strain
dx- vault hold, r side index finger superiorR torsion
rx- prevent nsaid induced ulcersmisoprostol
mgmt- breast mass >50 y/o or no resolution after FNAexcisional bx
mgmt- otitis externatopical abx(FQ) + steroids
mgmt- testicular torsionsurg detorsion and b/l orchiopexy (fix cord to sac)
still techn _________ then _________indirect -> direct
viscerosomatics lower GI and GUT12-L2
omm q says "restricted in" meanss/d dx is opp of that
def- fatigue, anemia, osteoporosis, low wbccu
def- CMP, mm wk, garlic breathselenium
+gonorrhea, txGc/Chl (cef, doxy/azithro)
+chl, txonly chl (doxy/azithro)
c6-7 herniation affects _________ nervec7
L4-5 herniation affects _________ nerveL5
anterior fib head s/d means fib head is restricted in _________ glideposterior
dx- pericarditis, encephalopathy, plt dysfxn, dysgeusia, n/v in esrduremia
ekg- wide qrs unrelated to p wavepvc (BB if sx, or nothing)


Question Answer
methylanol and ehtylene glycol o/d txfomepizole
bzd tox rxflumazenil
dx- high cortisol, low dose dexa 8 am >1.8, high dose reduce by 50%cushing dz (acth pituitary tumor)
dx- angina with ste that goes away when sx go awayprinzmetal
mgmt- prinzmetal anginantg, ccb (diltiezam)
RCC paraneoplastic synd'spolycythemia (epo), hyperCa (pth-rp)
moniter heparin with _________PTT
dx- brown spots on cheeks in female w/ ocpsmelasma
boggy tart- acute or chronicacute
ekg- tall qrs V1-6LVH
mcc LVH and mgmtHTN, anti-htn rx
osteoperosis screen in femalesbmd at 65 y/o
dx- allergic rhinitis, asthma, eosinophls, p-ancachurg strrauss
GAP/Wegner a/w _-ancac-anca
mgmt- unvacc kid bit by raccoonirrigation, ivig, vacc, abx
dx- oval shaped rash that clears centrally -> christmas tree oval shaped patchespityriasis rosea
hydrocele locationanterior and lateral to testes
spermatocele locationsuperior and posterior to testes
ileum viscerosomaticsT10-11
upper, middle, lower gi viscerosomaticsT5-9, T10-11, T12-L2
mgmt- suspicious of SAH but (-) CTLP (xanthochromia)


Question Answer
mgmt- bit by bat, has rabies vaccirrigation, repeat vacc
complication- silicosis (sand blaster lung, opac. upper lobe)tb
mgmt- ocdcbt + ssri
mgmt- central precocious puberty (inc GnRH)GnRH analogs (lueprolide, histrelin)
omm- post cp for appendixtip of TP 11
spinal level- anterior thigh and medial calfL2/3/4
dx- female pt, lose speech by 18mo, microcephaly, autistic behaviour, hand movementsrett syndrome (nl -> abnl)
mc site diverticulasigmoid
dx- erectile dsyfxn in sickle cellvaso-occlusive (mgmt- pde-5i)
buproprion- sexual s/e?no
labs- polycythemia vera- epo, rbc mass, wbc, plts, leuk alk phosph, bili, b12 LOW epo, high everything else
mgmt- polycythemia vera phlebotomy, hydroxyurea
dx- displaced pmiLVH, htn
mgmt- chorea in huntington'stetrabenazine
1st step- suspect IEblood cx before abx
term- vicarious liablityrespondeat superior
term- doc acted negligentlyres ipsa loquitur
mgmt- uncomplicated tinea versicolortobical antifungal or selenium sulfide
w/u order- pseudotumor cerebrimri (-) -> LP (inc ICP)
initial test- boerhavecxr (pneumomediastinum)
confirmatory test- boorhavecontrast esophogram or CT chest
w/d- dysphoria, sleep, hungercocaine, amhetamine
w/d- lacrimation, rhonrrheaopioid
gold standard test- choledocolithiasisercp
dx- 2cm central liver scar on imaging of female on ocpfocal nodular hyperlasia
1st line- focal nodular hyperplasia of liver on ocpsd/c ocps
2nd line- focal nodular hyperplasia, still w/o ocps, >5cm, sxsurg
screen- fam hx FAPcolonoscopy at puberty
1st step- hypothermiachange to warm dry clothes -> blankets +/- warm IV (if cv/pulm dep)

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