Computer Shortcut Keys,Computer Short Abbrevation,Computer Extensions

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Some basic Keys Common Tasks


Question Answer
Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar Create a non breaking space
Ctrl + B Make letters bold
Ctrl + I Make letters italic
Ctrl + U Make letters underline
Ctrl + Shift+ < Decrease font size one value
Ctrl + Shift + > Increase the font size one value
Ctrl + [ Increase the font size by 1 point
Ctrl + ] Decrease the font size by 1 point
Ctrl + Spacebar Remove paragraph or character formatting.
Ctrl + C Copy the selected text or object
Ctrl + X Cut the selected text or object
Ctrl + V Paste text or an object
Ctrl + Alt + V Paste special
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste formatting only
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action
Ctrl + Y Redo the last action

Control Keys + Function Keys


Question Answer
Ctrl+F2 Choose the print preview command (Microsoft office Button)
Ctrl+F3 Cut on the spike
Ctrl+F4 Close the window
Ctrl+F6 Go to the next window
Ctrl+F9 Insert an empty field
Ctrl+F10 Maximise the document window
Ctrl+F11 Lock a field
Ctrl+F12 Choose the Open command (Microsoft Office Button)

Shortcut Keys of MS Excel


Question Answer
F2 Edit the selected cell
F5 Go to a specific cell
F7 Spell check selected text and/or document
F11 Create chart
Ctrl + Shift + ; Enter the current time
Ctrl + ; Enter the current date
Shift + F3 Open the Excel formula window
Shift + F5 Bring up search box.
Ctrl + A Select all contents of the worksheet
Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + I Italic highlighted selection
Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection
Ctrl + P Bring up the print dialog box to begin printing
Ctrl + Z Undo last action
Ctrl + F9 Minimise current workbook
Ctrl + F10 Maximise currently selected workbook
Ctrl + F6 Switch between open workbooks/window
Ctrl + Page Up Move between Excel worksheet in the same Excel document.
Ctrl + Page Down Move between Excel worksheets in the same Excel document
Ctrl + Tab Move between two or more open Excel files
Alt + = Create a formula to sum all of the above cells
Ctrl + ’ Insert the value of the above cell into cell currently selected.
Ctrl + Arrow key Move to next section to text
Ctrl + Space Select entire column
Shift + Space Select entire row

Computer Short Abbrevation

Question Answer
GOOGLE Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth .
YAHOO Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle .
WINDOW Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution
COMPUTER Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.
VIRUS Vital Information Resources Under Siege .
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System .
AMOLED Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode
OLED Organic light-emitting diode
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity .
ESN Electronic Serial Number .
UPS uninterrupted power supply .
HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface
VPN virtual private network
APN Access Point Name
SIM Subscriber Identity Module
LED Light emitting diode.
DLNA Digital Living Network Alliance
RAM Random access memory.
ROM Read only memory.
VGA Video Graphics Array
QVGA Quarter Video Graphics Array
WVGA Wide video graphics array.
WXGA Wide screen Extended Graphics Array
USB Universal serial Bus
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
PPI Pixels Per Inch
LCD Liquid Crystal Display.
HSDPA High speed down-link packet access.
HSUPA High-Speed Uplink Packet Access
HSPA High Speed Packet Access
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
EDGE Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution
NFC Near field communication
OTG on-the-go
S-LCD Super Liquid Crystal Display
O.S Operating system.
SNS Social network service
P.O.I point of interest
GPS Global Positioning System
DVD Digital Video Disk / digital versatile disc
DTP Desk top publishing.
DNSE Digital natural sound engine .
OVI Ohio Video Intranet
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
WCDMA Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
WI-FI Wireless Fidelity
DIVX Digital internet video access.
APK authenticated public key.
J2ME java 2 micro edition
DELL Digital electronic link library.
ACER Acquisition Collaboration Experimentation Reflection
RSS Really simple syndication
TFT thin film transistor
AMR Adaptive Multi- Rate
MPEG moving pictures experts group
IVRS Interactive Voice Response System
HP Hewlett Packard-Gauri

Computer Extension

Text Files

Question Answer
.log Log File
.wpd WordPerfect Document
.odt OpenDocument

Text Document

Question Answer
.pages Pages Document
.doc Microsoft Word Document
.docx Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.tex LaTeX Source Document
.wps Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
.msg Outlook Mail Message
.rtfRich Text Format File
.txtPlain Text File

Data Files

Question Answer
.vcf vCard File
.dat Data File
.pptx PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.sdf Standard Data File
.tar Consolidated Unix File Archive
.csv Comma Seperated Values File
.xml XML File
.pps PowerPoint Slide Show
.ppt PowerPoint Presentation

Audio Files

Question Answer
.aif Audio Interchange File Format
.mpa MPEG-2 Audio File
.ra Real Audio File
.iff Interchange File Format
.wav WAVE Audio File
.wma Windows Media Audio File
.mp3 MP3 Audio File

Video Files

Question Answer
.avi Audio Video Interleave File
.3gp3 GPP Multimedia File
.flv Flash Video File
.mpg MPEG Video File
.vob DVD Video Object File
.mp4 MPEG-4 Video File
.3g 23GPP2 Multimedia File
.m4 viTunes Video File
.wmv Windows Media Video File