Computer Review

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Computer Basics

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What do input devices do?send commands to your computer.
What do output devices do?return feedback from your assigned task.
What does the CPU do?processes commands sent to the computer
What is hardware?all the physical parts of the computer
Data stored in memory is represented by what0's and 1's

Internet, Cloud Service, and the World Wide Web


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ISP stands for what?Internet service provider
What is the internet?an international computer network that you can use to browse websites and accomplish many tasks
Does every website have an IP address?yes
How many connections can be made over Wi-Fi?several connections can be made over Wi-Fi
What does IP stand for?internet protocol

Productivity Programs

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How is the ribbon organized?tabs and groups of commands
What is Microsoft's spreadsheet program?Microsoft Excel
What is Microsoft's database program?Microsoft Access
What is a cell address?intersecting column header and row header
This allows database designers to change or retrieve data from a databasequeries

Computer Security and Privacy

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What is privacy?being free from someones attention
What protects privacy?security
What does it mean to defaming a person?make false statements about someone that negatively affect their reputation
What are 3 natural threats that can damage your computer?fire, extreme temperatures and lightning
What do you call something made by someone that has commercial value?intellectual property

Digital Lifestyles

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Is it legal to copy music without permission?no
What are the three different types of digital camera?compact, semiprofessional, and prefessional
Copying audio and storing it on a record able CD or DVD is known as what?burning
What are the three sound file formats?WAV, MP3, and WMA
What application enables web confrencing?Microsoft link

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