Computer Hardware Terms

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On this page you will learn about Computer Hardware terms. Good Luck!

Input Computer Terms

Question Answer
Digital CameraInput device that takes and stores photos which can then be used in developing graphic work and printed or emailed
Drawing TabletInput device that allows designers to sketch and save digital drawings to the computer using a stylus pen
Hand-Held ScannerPortable input device that scans images and converts the into JPG files
3D ScannerInput device that allows objects to be digitally scanned using a laser or small needle-like probe
Optical MouseInput device that allows user to control cursor to select various GUI on-screen options
Flatbed ScannerInput device that capture high quality images that can be altered digitally before file is captured and sent to the computer
KeyboardInput device that allows users to enter letters, numbers and symbols into the computer

Processing Computer Terms

Question Answer
Tablet ComputerProcessing touch-screen device with built in digital camera and connection to the internet that allows users to draw directly onto the screen with or without stylus
Laptop/Base UnitPowerful processing unit with dedicated graphics card and high spec multicore technology essential to run most CAD software

Storage Computer Terms

Question Answer
External HDDBacking store for extremely large files and important work often with over 2TB capacity
USB MemoryCheap, portable backing storage device that allow users to move large files
Cloud StorageBacking internet storage of files using FTP that means files can be uploaded or downloaded to any computer, smart phone or tablet

Output Computer Terms

Question Answer
Laser PrinterOutput device that allows quick, low cost prints using toner dust fused to paper using static electricity or heat
Inkjet PrinterOutput device that allows reasonable printed prints using black or colour cartridges
Wide Format PrinterOutput device that allows users to see hard copies of drawings or graphics and cut graphic images for sign making, vehicle or packaging wrapping
CAD MonitorOutput device with better size, resolution, refresh rate and colour depth than normal VDUs used by CAD engineers who spend long time on computer
3D PrinterOutput device that physically manufactures 3D CAD models and are a form of computer aided manufacture (CAM) in plastic, wax, metal and even chocolate
Drum Plotter/CutterOutput device that prints line drawings, straight or curved, using pens, or cuts thin materials using small knife