CompTIA Security- Gen. Terms

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Section 1

Question Answer
These infect systems and spread copies of themselves Viruses
These disguise malicious code within apparently useful applications Trojans
This Security Threat trigger on a particular condition Logic Bombs
These are self-replicating forms of malicious code Worms
These are malware that can be controlled by outside sources Bots
Pieces of software that can be hidden in the system for the purposes of compromising the system Rootkits
Unsolicited commercial emailSpam

Section 2

Question Answer
Wi-Fi Protected Access WPA
Advanced Encryption Standard AES
A physical and electronic review of the desired physical and logical structure of the network Site Survey
A password that is too short or simple that threatens the security of the networkWeak Passwords
Accounts created at setup by the O/S that can be compromised Default Accounts
Broadcast of pre-installed wireless router name Default Identification Broadcast
Access to Administrative or other users privileges on the system due to software flawSPrivilege Escalation