CompTIA A+ Set 15 - Networking

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What network topology is the most common?Star
What network topology combines the characteristics of two other topologies?Hybrid
Which of the following cables has a core diameter of 62.5 microns?Multimode
What type of IPv6 address is commonly assigned to client computers?Unicast
Which is the following forwards an external network prot to an internal IP address/port on a computer on the LAN?Port forwarding
Which of the following is described as the simultaneous sending and receiving of network data?Full-duplex


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Which of these addresses needs to be configured to enable a computer access to the Internet or to other network?Gateway address
The IP address would be part of what IPv4 class?Class B
Which IP address can be a gateway for a computer using the IP address10.58.64.192 and a subnet mask
Which tab of Internet Options would you go to if you wanted to configure a Proxy Server?Connections
One of your customers no longer has access to a frequently accessed website. You ping another computer and the router on the network successfully. What should you do next?Ping the website
A user moves a laptop from one office to another. The patch cable and the network adapter do not appear to be working properly at the new office. The cable is plugged in correctly and tests okay when checked with a patch tester. What should you do first?Check if the port on the switch is enabled



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Which of the following is a group of computers located in a small area?LAN
Which of the following are most often used to connect a group of computers in a LAN?Switch; WAP
What device contains multiple har drives and is connected directly to the network?NAS
Which type of cable would you use if you were concerned about EMI?STP (Shielded Twisted Pair)
What technology assigns address on the network number?APIPA
Which 802.11 version has a maximum data rate of 54 Mbps and uses the 2.4 GHz frequency range?802.11 g


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Which type of cable can connect a computer to another computer directly?UTP
A user can receive email but cannot send any. Which protocol is not configured properly?SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
Which Internet service is wireless and has a range of 50 kilometers?WiMAX
Which protocol sends and receives information in an encrypted manner by default?HTTPS
Which of these would be used for streaming media?UDP
Which of the following allows voice communication over IP-based networks?VoIP
Which protocol uses port 22?SSH


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RG6Residential Cable
RG8Bus Networking (Thinnet)
RG11Thicker shielded network
RG5810BASE2 (4Mbps)
RG59Underground cable runs



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Which of the following requires a Windows-created password to gain access to?HomeGroup
Which of the following commands will display the the MAC address of a computer?Ipconfig/all
Which command will ping continuously?Ping -t
Which command will show the path of routers between your computer and a web server?Tracert
You need to map a network drive to share a named data1 on a computer names Jupiter-Server. You want to use the J; drive letter. What syntax should you were to do this in the Command Prompt?net use J: drive letter
You want to connect to a share on \server1data-share. What should you use to accomplish this?net use



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Which of the following network devices moves frames of data between a source and destination based on their MAC addresses?Switch
Which of the following would be suitable for the 1000 Mbps networks?Category 5e; Category 6
Which connector would you use for cable Internet?F-connector
Which tool would you use to test a network adapter not connected to the network?Loopback plug
Which Internet service makes use of PSTN?Dial-up
A user complains that the computer is not connecting to the network. What should you check first?Patch cable
On computer loses connectivity. All connectors and settings appear to be correct. What tool should you use to fix the problem?Cable tester