Comptia A+ Motherboards & Expansion Slots

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ATX Motherboard size12" x 9.6"
micro-ATX Motherboard sizerange from 6.75" x 6.75" to 9.6" X 9.6"
mini-ITX Motherboard size6.7" x 6.7"; used for home theater PC systems
NLXNew Low-profile Extended; ranges in size 8" x 10" to a max. of 9" x 13.6"

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PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect; runs in sync with the system clock. supports a 64-bit data path & uses 3.3 volts
PCI-XPeripheral Component Interconnect eXtended
PCIePeripheral Component Interconnect Express; commonly used for graphics cards
mini PCIused in laptops
CNRCommunication and Networking Riser; found in older Motherboards
AGPAccelerated Graphics Port; has speeds of 2x, 4x and 8x

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