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Margin for dermatofibromasarcoma2cm
Primary surgical option for penile lymphedemaTissue excision and skin grafting
Primary surgical option for extremity lymphedemaLiposuction
Charles ProcedureRemoval of entire skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscle fascia with skin grafting onto the muscle. Used in extremity lymphedema
BRCA Cancer Associations (4)Breast, ovarian, prostate, pancreatic
Sub Pec influence of pec torque strengthDecreases by 20%
What effects does radiation have on inflammation and blood supply?Decreases the effect and concentration of white blood cells and causes vessel thrombosis
Male with BRCA2, chance of breast cancer?6%
Deficits is what arm motions after Lat Dorsi harvest?Extension and adduction
Mechanism of Factor V LeidenResistance to activated protein C (APC normally cleaves and inactivates Factor V)
Most common cause of litigation in cosmetic breast surgeryNegligence
Predominant cell type in ALCLT-cells
Smoking needs to be stopped how many weeks before surgery to reduce infection risk?4 weeks
Worst pedicle after breast augmentationInferior because of pressure on the inferior breast parenchyma
Worst place for a melanoma metLiver
Congenital melanocystic nevus means increased risk forOccult spina bifida
Lentigo Maligna margins1cm
Dog bite abx in a childBactrim and Clinda
SLNB for melanoma?over 1mm depth
Nevus sebaceous treatmentExcise before puberty because that is when BCC transformation is high

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