Compounding terms

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CompoundingTo produce or mix by combining two or more parts
Excipients Any more or less inert substance added to a prescription in order to confer a suitable consistency or form to the drug; a vehicle
VolatileEvaporates easily
PHThe symbol relating the hydrogen ion concentration or activity of a solution to that of a given standard solution
Solvent Capable of dissolving another substance
TriturationThe process of reducing the particle size of a substance by grinding it (typically with mortar and pestle
FusionThe merging of different elements
Incorporating Uniting with
Mottle To mark with spots or blotches
Mucosal tissueMembrane tissue lining all body passages that communicate with the air
Systemically Of or relating to systemic circulation
TrocheInterchangeable term with lozenges, but sometimes made in soft form
Aromatic waterClear, saturated aqueous solution of volatile or oils or aromatic substances; may be used internally or externally
Buffers Ingredients that prevents change in the concentration of another chemical substance
Co solvent solvent systemTwo ingredients together used as a solvent
ElixirsSolutions used to sweetened and alcohol based
ImmiscibleNot forming a homogenous mixture when added together (water is I miscible with oil)
Emulsion A type of suspension consisting of two immiscible liquids and an emulsifing agent to hold them together
Hydrophilic Readily absorbing moisture
HydrophobicRepelling water
MucilageSticky mixture
Suspension liquids that contain ingredients both active and inert, that are not solvable in the vehicle, but rather suspended or resuspended upond shaking
CreamOpaque, soft solids or thick liquids for topical use
GelSemi solid systems consisting of suspensions made up of small inorganic partials or of large organic molecules interpenetrated by a liquid
HumectantsA substance that promotes the retention of moisture
LevigateTo make it smooth
MagmaA particle size that is large in a two phase system
MicelleA large water drop surrounded by an oil formation
Ointment Semi solid topical preparations that are applied to the skin
PLO gels Pluronic lecithin organogels
AutoclavedA method of sterilization where heat is used
Surfactants A surface active substance
TonicityA state of normal tension of the tissue by virtue of which the parts are kept in shape, alert, and ready to function in response to a suitable stimulus
Viscosity A physical property of fluids that determine the internal resistance to shear force
s.i.dA Latin dosing term used in veterinary medicine and indication that a medication is given once a day
Veterinary prescription legend"Caution: Federal Law Restricts this drug to use by or on the Order of a Licensed veterinarian." This statement must be included on the label of all manufactured veterinary prescription products

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