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Principle of geometric compoundingStart with the ingredient of the smallest amount and double the portion by adding the additional ingredient in order of quanity
Quality assuranceA programs of activites used to ensure that the procedu used in the preparation of Compoundind products lead to products that meet certain specficat and standards
Quality controlA set of testing activites used to determine quality of the compounded product
S.o.pStandard operating procedure
ExcipientsAny more or less inert substance added to a prescription in order to confer a suitable consistency or form to the drug ;a vehicle
VolatileEvaporates easily
FormalationA recipe for a perscription
PHThe sympol relating the hydrogen ion concentration or activity of a solution to that of a givin standard solution
SolventCapable of dissolving another substance
TriturationThe process of of reducing particles size by grinding iy
Fusion The merging of different elements
MottleTo mark with spots or blotches
AntitussiveCough suppressant
TrochesAs a general rule,solid ingredients will displace the back Fromm 70 percent to 90 percent liquid ingredients
Capsule sizeRange range from small(5) to large (000) 8 sizes