Complex Invertebrates

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Question Answer
what surrounds their soft bodies? (mollusks)their hard shells
The head contains what?the brain and the sense organs
The visceral mass contains what?contains internal organs
the foot is the what part of the body?the muscular part
What is their tongue called?the radula, is rough like sandpaper
Their shell formed by tissue is called what?the mantle
the mantle takes chemicals from water and uses them to make how many layers of the shell?three layers
In between the soft body and mantle is the mantle cavity where what is locatedthe gills
Gills take oxygen from water and gives off what?carbon dioxide


Question Answer
How many types of mollusks are there?three
hatchet-footed/bivavles(two part shell);clams, mussels,scallops/
Stomach -footed(gastro-pod)/univalvessnails, slugs (no shell), abalone
head-footed(cephlapods)/divided into 8 or more tentaclessquid,octopus, chambered antulus
How do they reproduce?sexually
How do Gastropods move, feed, and what kind of circulatory system do they have?crawl on stomach foot, often with slime. Uses radula to eat, can be herbivores or carnivores. Open circulatory system.
How to Cephlapods move, feed, and what kind of circulatory system do they have?waterfilled cavity, siphon allows water to propel animal, some walk on tentacles. all r predators, uses tentacles w/suction cups/hooks=tear food w/beak). Closed circulatory system.
How do Bivalves move, feed, and what kind of circulatory system do they have?Rapidly opening/closing shell, propels them. some use hatchet foot to dig/bury themselves. filter feeds=food. open circulatory system.


Question Answer
How do starfish eat?It pushes one of its two stomachs inside out through its mouth and into the clam's shell. Inside the shell, this stomach swallows the clam's soft body. Because sea stars have no teeth, they cannot chew. They must make their food soupy before they can eat it.
Echinoderms(spiny skins)sea cucumbers,sea star, sand dollars, sea urchins, sea pen
Spines are part of what?its internal skeleton
Skeleton made of what?plates that fit together and covered by rough, skin-like covering
adult echinoderms' bodies are divided into how many parts, around the central disk?five parts
what kind of pattern do they have?radial symmetry
they use the water vascular system for what?for movement and in some cases prey capture