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Question Answer
Home Health Caregetting care at the comforts of their own home
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
qualified people of Medicare get full coverage ifthe patient is homebound. unable to travel to appointment or can't leave home
What is medicare?provide direct federal monies for the health care of all citizens 65 years and older disabled regardless of socioeconomic status
what is medicaid?covers care needs of the poor and indigent of all ages
How did medicare change home care in 1966?(1) changing it to a medical rather than nursing model of practice (2) defining and limiting the services it reimbursed (3) changing the payment source, the reason for providing home care
PPSProspective Payment System
DRGsDiagnosis-related groups; DRGs pay a certain amount (based on diagnosis) to the patient's care rather than the cost.
How did DRGs cause problems in health care?DRGs discharges the patients too early which later caused them to be more ill and stay in home care longer
Home Care Agencies are classified by?1) Tax Status 2) Location 3) Governance
Telehealth servicesinnovative approach to the provision of care allows for patient and care provider interaction and monitoring through the use of telephones, computers, televisions, and monitors
What are the most common forms of home IV therapy?Antibiotics, Hydration, and Total Parenteral Nutrition
Skilled nursing services revolve around 4 major goals1) restorative 2) improvement 3) maintenance 4) promotion
Nursing Process for Home Health CareADPIE= Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation
A high demand for home health care is due toIncrease in the number of older patients with chronic illnesses
When arranging home care for a patient, from whom should the home health care nurse collect data?patient, primary care provider, and family members as per patient wishes
who is eligible for medicareover 65 years old, homebound, and end stage renal failure
in 1997 which congressional act imposed new limits on home health payments(BBA) Balanced Budget Act
HCFAA new payment system for home health agencies