Communicable Diseases

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Question Answer
ID Rash CharacteristicsColor, elevation, size, shape, location, distribution
3 C's of RubeolaCoriyza, Cough, Conjunctivitis & KOPLIKS
Where does the Measle rash begin?hairline
Measles prophylaxisImmune Globin (vitamin A and cool mist vaporizer)
how is Rubella secreted?respiratory, blood, urine, stool
Measles interventionsdim lights, clean eyelids, antipyretics
Where does the Rubella rash begin?begins on face; spreads downwards to trunk & extremities NO KOPLIK SIGN
When can child go back to school after Rubella?8th day After rash
Mumps S/Searache, uni/bi-lateral, HA, fever, anorexia
Mumps interventionssoft/liquid foods; warm/cool compress
When can child go back to school after mumps?9 days after onset of parotid swelling
Flow of Chickenpox rashhead, trunk, extremities
what should you give if someone was exposed to chickenpox?VZIG
when can a child return to school after 5th disease?after rash appears
when is 5th disease most contagious?BEFORE rash appears
what does the rash for 5th disease look like?Slapped cheeks; proximal to distal
does roseola itch?no
what drug helps with Pertussis?Erythromycin